Thanksgiving Meal Page

Thanksgiving is a special time of the year when we are grateful to God for His blessings. There are many people in our cities and towns that are in need and their Thanksgiving dinner is not what it should be. Below you will find two forms.

The first is to register someone that could enjoy a homemade Thanksgiving dinner – it could be you if you are in need, your neighbor or someone that you know.

The second is a registration form for those that are willing to help by volunteering for a few hours on Thanksgiving Day.

We always could use more servers to pack boxes from 10-11:15 and then drive from 11:30 to 12:30.

I believe it is paramount to do all work possible empowered by Christ daily to positively impact elders and low-income families who are in need of hope-this important outreach program truly helps people feel loved and included as God’s children in this challenging earthy experience.

Please, email any questions you may have at

Recipient of Thanksgiving Dinner Registration Form

Thanksgiving Day Volunteer Registration Form