Private Services

Some of the Sacraments (Baptism, Wedding or Confirmation) could be considered private services since the families invite whomever they want to be present at the time of service. The Sacrament of the Holy Confession is always private.

There are also services that are occasional and private.


The Orthodox belief is that the natural realm is corrupted because of the sin of man. Therefore, every human being needs to be regenerated by the water and the spirit (Holy Baptism) in an act of dedication to the Kingdom of God.

The surrounding material world, our space and our time have to be dedicated to God and His Kingdom also. Moving in a new home, it is a significant event for a family. For centuries our church has a service for the blessing of the new home.

Also, every year there is a blessing of Epiphany following January 6th (Epiphany Day) when the priest is invited to the home of faithful to bless their home and the family with the sanctified waters of the Epiphany.


In the case of serious, critical or life-threatening illness and hospitalization of an Orthodox relative or friend, the Priest should be notified to offer prayers and give Holy Communion. The Priest should be invited to bring Holy Communion to confined, aged and institutionalized faithful who cannot come to Church.