Youth Ministries


p_ymin1What kind of an adult will your child become? What values and standards will be important to him or her? Will he or she know Jesus as our Lord and Savior? The Church does its share in helping parents give answers to these questions. Our Sunday School is a vital part of the life of the Church and exists to serve the children and their families in a mutual call to grow in their understanding of our faith. Church School provides an excellent program which begins with 3- and 4-year-olds and continues throughout high school. Our Church School year is from September to May.


Our St. Barbara Greek Language School has available a priceless gift for our children—the Greek language. The emphasis is on reading, writing, communication skills, our Orthodox faith, and Greek customs and traditions. The Greek School meets every week, September through May, in our Hellenic Cultural Center, and is staffed by certified teachers. The parents of our Church School and Greek School coordinate the fund raisers and actively participate in the many activities that serve our youth.


Young people need spirituality and they also seek fellowship with other church people their own age. GOYA provides opportunities for young people aged 12 to 18 to learn about their Orthodox Faith and heritage. They participate in social and athletic activities in a wholesome Orthodox Christian atmosphere. Meetings are held on regular basis.


No greater privilege is bestowed upon a young man of the parish than being chosen to serve God, his Church, his priest and his congregation as an altar boy. It is a unique opportunity to be influenced by his priest to grow in stature and grace within the Church and learn the liturgical aspect of our faith. To serve in the Holy Altar, please see Fr. Peter.


p_ymin2The Hellenic Folk Dancers are the folk dancing troupe of young people from our parish whose performances are sought by civic and cultural organizations. They perform the traditional folk dances of Greece and provide the entertainment for our Greek Glendi. They consist of a Senior Group, a Junior Group, and the young Hellenes.


Please print this form fill it out and turn it in to our  Church Office or one of the youth coordinators.

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