NOTE:  For feast days and services please check the calendar

SERVICES (Liturgical)

After August 15 till Thanksgiving week we  have the following services during the weekdays:

Fridays at 4:30pm Small Parakelsis or The Akathist Hymn in Praise of God’s Creation

For all the other Feast Days and Services please consult St. Barbara’s



Projects coming soon:

  • Calibrating the new PA system – current week (September 10-17)
  • September 27-29, 2018. Pilgrimage trip to Atlanta and DRC to welcome the icon of Panagia Vimatarissa a gift from the Monastery of Simonos Petra from Mt. Athos.
  • Restoration of the insulation in the attic,  treating for mold and soot of the ceiling in the Nave and paint the interior of the entire church. 
  • Installing hoods over the sand pits in the Narthex to capture the smoke from the candles. 
  • Dome Restoration Project – replacing the aluminum faded sheet with stainless steel TiNi coated sheet.